Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday: January 17, 2014

I really like doing the Five on Friday and while I'm not a serious list maker, I do like lists. Things to do, things to buy, things to cross of a list, etc etc   I wonder why I don't do more of them? Commitment phobia?

1. Man oh man did I eat my share of avocados in California! Now I'll have to go back to having to remember what a luscious ripe one is like. A ripe one that is 5 for a $1. Just imagine...

2. I take my own teabags (Typhoo decaf) with me on trips so my dh can make me my pot of tea each morning. However, there is nothing like getting back to your own water (for good or for bad) for the specific taste I'm used to. Anyone else notice things like that?

3. It was wonderful to see my 2nd born on that trip but all the harder in feeling how much I miss having him around. T'aint nuthin' Mama can do about that when there's a whole country between us. He's definitely a left coaster and as much as I love visiting the West, I know my heart lies in the East.

4. Do you 'decorate' your suitcases? I presume you don't have ultra expensive luggage when I ask that. I use craft puff paint to make designs on our suitcases. People smile at them but they are easy to spot!

My dh and I stick to the standard black carry on size...what is that, 21 inches?... but my most recent one is just a bit less roomy than his of the same size. wtf?  It's kind of like this one but it isn't a spinner. Those outer pockets just don't expand as much as his do, nor do they zip all the way down. I'm sure as soon as I decorate it, I'll see a better model.

5. I didn't do that well without my computer on this recent trip. I found that I just wasn't satisfied with my iPad which also was losing its charge and needed a trip to the Apple hospital. Clean it out and download all my stuff from the Cloud worked but with a slower net connection, the download didn't go very fast. I am one spoiled woman, aren't I!

Happy Weekend to you!! Have a hot chocolate for me or an iced frappuchino - depending on your climate.

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bbland said...

Like the idea of the paint on the suitcase..Maybe I will become more creative with my electrical tape though :-)...

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