Monday, January 13, 2014

AAM Project Life 13 Week 51

I was glad to get this week done before we left for California and it's my final one for 2013...I think. Maybe I'll do a short bit for those last few days but more likely they'll go in the 2014.  2014? Yes, I plan to do it again, though I may change it round a bit after a month or two. I have several ideas of what I'd like to do but my priority has to be clear up more of my physical space before I get stuck into the artsy stuff. When the clutter reaches a tipping point and I can't find something, I choke. Nothing else gets done, and my mood is not very good. I have no one to blame but myself so that bit of projection doesn't work...sniff sniff.

I'm not set on a 2014 WORD but I know the concept I'm going for. My first project in that process will be a vision board soon as I have a CLEAN & CLEAR TABLE.  And there are about 5 or more steps I need to take before that happens. One step forward, and how many back I wonder? But that's life.

So now here's that week 51 I mentioned. btw, the background paper on these two pages is the same blog background I'm using now. I'm ready for a change there too but all in good time.

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