Monday, January 20, 2014

AAM Monday - You Eat What?

Just as I was getting ready for bed last night, after a session with the folk at Downton Abbey, I spotted a neglected Twizzler. strand.  As much as I love these candies, I really like them best when they are old and stale.  Hard.

This one strand was really tempting since it filled the bill on age but I was on my way to bed and decided that it wasn't the wisest thing to eat then. I decided that reluctantly... But then one Twizzler isn't enough, or at least it isn't enough for me. So I left it.

Amazingly enough, I totally forgot about it and didn't even think of it this morning.  However, as I worked at my computer this morning, I suddenly spotted it. (Yes, this tells you about the messy state of my computer desk, doesn't it?) Blissful sigh as I started to chew the hard goodness.  I was actually even satisfied with just one of this after-breakfast treat. But now?  Fortunately, I have to go out to do pick up a referral for my knee doctor appointment. Fortunately? oh yes, because I can also pick up a bag of Twizzlers, eat some, and then set some aside to ...mature.

Is this strange? Perhaps. But I know what I like, and stale Twizzlers fill that bill.  40 calories per strand of pure sugar bliss! Jaws get ready...

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