Monday, January 27, 2014

AAM Monday: 2014 Project Life Begins

Since we were in California for the beginning of January 2014, these weeks are not all the standard format. That's fine. As always, NO rules in Project Life. I have noticed that a lot of digital people are cutting back on the amount of product they are using in their weekly pages. That's also fine with me. I know Creative Team members are tasked with selling products but I have a goodly stash and that's what I'm trying to use.

Hello California!

Page 2 is not here because it's private but our three day retreat was wonderful. Gotta love the locations the Jesuits have in California. Well, the locations they've had most anywhere in the US are prime. They certainly had an eye for real estate when they arrived in the 1600s or so. Location, location, location.

Next we drove down the California coast, but NOT on US 1. I knew I would be freaking out as the passenger seat is on the outside for the drive south. I've done it driving north and even that gave me the heebie jeebies as my then driver/husband kept saying ....Oh look! and I had visions of ending my life as the car went into the Pacific.  I do hope to make that drive again though but definitely going north.

We still saw a lot of great stuff on our two day drive to LA. When we have no time constraints, there's no need to rush the trip.

To me, LA means food and seeing friends/family.  We have a good friend in LA who is now facing the onset of alzheimers/dementia. It's sad but it's part of life. Learning to deal with all these losses.
I do love LA!

Hard to believe it was only so mild when it's now soooo cold in Maryland. 

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Photocat said...

Who knows Maureen, maybe one day we can do Route 1 together, just the two of us. I am the same like you, when hubby drives my heart is in my throat. I want to drive mountain roads at 20 miles an hour, or slower...

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