Thursday, December 12, 2013

What Do You See

I saw this photo of one of my granddaughters on Facebook and found it haunting.

She usually is a ham in front of the camera. She has also learned how to put on a happy face in public. But in this photo she has a serious look, a somber look... one where she is looking at the photographer or looking right through that person.  Looking into the soul. Seven year olds see and know so much more than they say, don't they.

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Marysol said...

Honestly, Maureen, I see nothing somber about her. If you were to look at my childhood photos, you'd never catch a glimpse of a smile in any of them. I really hated to have my pictures taken. And I still do.

In any case, your granddaughter is a beauty, with or without a smile!

Photocat said...

What an exotic looking girl. Yes, serious, it's maybe for the better that we can't read minds. Gorgeous girl and wonderful layout. I love Anna's kits. They were the first digital kits that I bought...

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