Thursday, December 19, 2013

Today Was a Good Day

I had no doubt that I would enjoy my retirement. There were many things that I wanted time for and things I wanted to explore. One of the main things that called to me was very simple. I wanted to be in my own home in the daytime, not just in the evening, kind of tired from work. I have been blessed that for the most part my jobs have not been overly stressful, nor highly paid I might add since all things come with a price. However, in the earlier years of my adult life I really did have a lot of the material things of life and learned that 'more' was not the path to happiness. While I certainly do not want these days, my wants are fairly simple.

The drive to and from my hospice work gives me time to clear my mind and subsequently reflect. Today I thought about how much of a blessing it is to feel fairly stress-less, to enjoy the natural flow of time and not worry that I'm running out of time each day even though at my age, I certainly AM running out of time when you look at the big picture.  Most things feel right and those that don't are mostly of my own making.  Boo hiss on that! It's always so much more satisfying to think others cause my irritation or are The Problem.  Sadly, not at all true...I say sadly, because I can only laugh at myself for still clinging to that bit of fantasy.

While this photo is not in the daytime, it captures a feeling for me.  A good feeling.  Just sitting and reading. No urgency, no rush...just taking time to do something I enjoy. Contentment. Today was a good day. I hope your was too!

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Photocat said...

You found the secret I think... Be happy with what you have instead of being unhappy with what you have not. Being happy and contented in one's own nest is the best feeling in the world. I too thoroughly enjoy being in my nest and leaving the outer world the outer world.
Makes me think we ARE indeed happy people!

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