Sunday, December 22, 2013

Super Quiet Sunday

We considered going out to dinner tonight. We passed. We considered getting a pizza. We passed.  Basically, other than reading the newspaper, and looking at Pinterest and watching more of Spiral on Netflix it was that kind of Sunday. With lots of rain that could have been a LOT of snow. I'm kind of glad it wasn't snow.

Oh I forgot, he went out and replaced his printer ink!  It's been a very good Sunday. Hope your last Sunday before Christmas was half as calm!

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Photocat said...

Calm here too Maureen. My son arrived yesterday and it was good. It's nice to be outside of the stressful shoppers in town and just be warm and dry inside.
It can be so lovely to just cocoon in our little shell. Sadly enough I have to go to Base today, and it is windy, grey and dark here. North Yorkshire for you! ;o))

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