Friday, December 27, 2013

Flashback Friday: December 27, 2013

End of years tend to be a bit of a wrap up and for me a tidy up and out of extraneous things, like the flotsam that floats around in my mind. Mostly worthless bits like things that have amused me or irritated me. 

1. Bowed shoes. Around here, back in my day, slingback shoes were called "Fuck me" shoes. Shoes with a bow at the heel were...Fuck me NOW!  I believe these certainly qualify.

2. This week it was in the 70s one day and then in the 30s the next day. As for me, I was much happier with the latter and managed to get a whole day of little chores done, the kind that mean driving hither and yon for one item/chore per place. If it's cold, I can do it. If it's warm or warm and muggy, there's not much chance of me getting more than one or two done. Yes, I have a great a/c in my car but still... And yes, 70 is not at all suitable for December weather in Maryland.

4. Amongst my many stops on that great run-about to shops in the cold day, I had to go into Target because HE forgot he was running out of vitamins. Being the (occasional) loving wife, I went for him.  There in Target were printed, I mean printed like I told you to write  X and run off 25 copies, and scotch tape them around the store, flyers announcing 10% off this week I think. 10%???   10% and there were even items excepted from that great bargain, like all electronics. Yes, I am one of those shoppers who almost never buys anything not on sale and if you want to lure me to your sale, it had better be at least 30%-50%. I am a dutiful cutter of Michaels and AC Moore coupons, but usually wait for the 50% ones, though I have been know to use the 40% off ones also.

Digi stores that want you to do a boatload of challenges to win a coupon for what...5% off  a purchase? That just makes me shake my head and wonder why I'd bother spending hours making all those layouts for at best $1.20 off a $24. template. Would you?

3. Julianne Kost has this great idea for an end of year slideshow with iPhone images. Clean and rather inrospective, much like the photographer.  I thought about making a similar slide show with our food photos but decided I'd end up getting hungry when I don't need to. And who wants to look at more food after a good or at least filling meal?

4. Does it happen to you? the expanding amaryllis? Each year I wonder about these bulbs. I hadn't had one for  a long time and then dh's sister sent us a bulb set a couple of years ago. Well that gives me an obligation to deal with it. After that year, I waited a bit and occasionally managed to buy my paper white bulbs early enough to have them blooming at Christmas. Mostly because of my tardiness, they bloomed sometime in January or February. Fine with me.  Many years I waffled about getting an amaryllis because they seem to be so demanding. They take up more space, you need a place where an 18" stalk can be showcased, and then they bloom. They are the kid in the Christmas pageant silently screaming "Look at me! Look at me!" Well, I got one at the grocery store this year, already in a good bloom for $9.99.  Great look, great price. After stalk one died, stalk two took over and got about 2 ft tall, bloomed its heart out and fell over during the night. That stalk is now a cut flower. Silly plants.

5. btw, I took the dialect quiz on the New York Times website. I came out as true southerner from New Orleans to Arkansas. Uh...not quite my locale but maybe I've been hanging out with more true southerners than I know.

See you in the New Year!

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Photocat said...

O man, you managed to mention the one person at Adobe I really and truly hate: Julianne. She thinks she is the only person on earth who takes pictures out of planes. Yet she is high enough in Adobe company to get a book printed with her plane photographs. We suckers without her name have to struggle to do it.
And yes, before you say anything: I am green with envy of her books and pics... Life is just not fair...

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