Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday: December 13, 2013

Yes, Friday the 13th!  Some good things first...

1. My dear maternal Nana was born on the 13th so to me that's a good number whether it's on a Friday or any other day of the week.  Only Nana could say if she felt lucky or not. Considering the things that most working class women of her day endured, I'll say no.  I have a friend whose grandmother was of the same generation as my Nana. My friend talked of her grandmother sailing to Europe on the original Queen Mum and dating some young man from 'one of THOSE families', families with names that are known round the world. By contrast, my Nana had to drop out of school in the 4th grade(about 1910) to go work in a silk factory and help support the family. Anyhow 13 always makes me think of Nana.

2. Another good feeling? How about that feeling when you pull out of a gas station with a full tank of gas and know you're good to go for ...500+ miles!

3. I also feel good when I see the more than generous attitudes of drivers letting other people have the right of way, especially when the shopping centers are packed with drivers hunting a parking space. It makes up for the lunatic who runs the red lights and seems to be going 20mph at least over the speed limit. Me? I try not to judge the lunatic and say a prayer in case s/he has a real emergency that makes that behavior seem important.

4. We had predictions of a snow/ice storm day last week and my dh put plastic over our windshields so we wouldn't have to scrape in case we needed to go out. It looked like we had two broken windshields but it did make de-icing almost a snap. Just yank the plastic off and I was done! Thank you Mr. R!

5. Finally one that I say FAIL to...the next Pantone Color of the Year.  Yes, it goes with all those grays and yellows but not in my house or on my bod.  At least it's a warm color but still...not for me.

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