Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday: November 7, 2013

Leaves are falling left and right. I've filled one trashcan for our recycling but may put the next can of pretties in our own compost bin. Most of the afghans and throws are out and I've got flavored hot coffee in store. I do need to get some decadent hot chocolate though. Maybe I'll wait til December for that spoonable chocolate. In fact I know I should wait.

1. Costco seduced me again. I have one of their pumpkin pies in the fridge but I haven't cut it yet. Once cut, easily gone as I'm the only pumpkin pie eater in the house. I reaaaally like pumpkin pie. It IS a vegetable, right??

2. Yesterday was sign up for my exercise classes. Anne Arundel Community College, you truly have one of the least intuitive websites. I'm good at finding things on line, really good, and that website gets me and my dh every time.

3. Speaking of registering, I had a good laugh when I talked about registration in my Pilates class. One woman said, "Oh none of the classes will have wait lists because so many people go South for three months or so." Ha...they'll be stiff I thought! I do hope we never become snowbirds. Don't tell me I said that if we get a February blizzard.

4. These little pieces of gum are veddy veddy convenient and superbly packaged but...I seem to chew out the flavor pretty darn fast. Am I a flavor sucker or what?

5. This word has been overused in my mind - curated. Can one "select, organize, and look after the items" if they are fey little dishes of food. Curate/d, you are so 2013 ...

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