Friday, November 29, 2013

Five on Friday: November 29, 2013

Just a bit of things I've thought of or seen lately.

1. It is now officially ok to start putting up Christmas decorations but you may be more of a traditionalist and wait til Sunday, December 1. I say go for it depending on your weather. My dh said he'd put up lights this year and I wish I'd been able to buy them before we went to Hilton Head when it was still warm. However, I do think those icicle lights would have looked strange, even when unlit.

2. When roads have  signs saying 'speed enforced by aircraft' I always used to imagine an airplane driven missile striking you right into oblivion!  Now I can imagine a drone doing the same... eek.

3. My dh was gracious enough to go partly on a back road on our return from Hilton Head and avoid I-95 when we could. He too was the one who saw the signs for a LeCreuset outlet and offered (!!!) to stop. This sign, out by the store in the middle of nowhere, made us wonder...

4. Are there swamps north of the Mason-Dixon line or are they a southern phenomenon? Or are they just called by another name...bog, marsh etc?

5. I have come to realize I am not a boiled peanut purist. Yes, eating hot ones is nice, but I'm just as happy with room temperature ones as I was the other night when I watched a movie. (But seriously, Netflix...what was going on with you? all my choices were unavailable (???) so I ended up watching the last 3/4 of The Bourne Legacy on HBO. Woo! boy, does Edward Norton have evil character down pat. He chills the blood.)

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