Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday: November 22, 2013

It's Friday and I have 5 for you.

1. Yes, I'm old enough to remember Kennedy's assassination. I was in college but my ride didn't come and pick me up so I was home for the day. The tv was on because my Nana always liked it on. When the news came on, I recall looking at myself in the mirror in our living room. Was it to see if I believed it? was it to see if I had changed? I don't know but I recall doing that vividly. I also recall that I had a powder blue pleated skirt on. How strange memory is.

2. Today is my last day of vacation and it promises to be a warm - 70ish - humid day. The a/c went on by 7:15 and I doubt it will go off while I'm still here. Beaches are nice; humidity is not.

3. I have done very little cooking on this trip. Just happened that way.

4. While wandering around this island I went to Walmart for some boiled peanuts and found some Christmas ornaments for my grandson's family. Nice to find things associated with his college that were just $2. I'm wise about that because the purple of his high school is no longer in favor so I'll give the college colors a full year before splurging.

5. Pine cones. I have two plastic bags full. These are very fresh and I suspect will last a good while up north. They're way too pretty to spray gold or silver so the old ones may be the ones I decorate!

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