Monday, November 4, 2013

AAM Monday:Project Life Week 43

Still enjoying the fall look of these pages, Week 43 was one for some serious reflection. How far I've come in certain aspects of my life and where I'm going with some of my time. Fall is a perfect time to start looking at where I want to go in the future, let some of the thoughts and plans lay dormant during the winter and then move forward in the spring and summer. The cycle of life.

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Photocat said...

Being a hospice volunteer is the greatest good you can give your fellow humans. I can see why you would be afraid but when thinking about the gift you give to people the fear I am sure will soon be gone. Far more people should be cared for in hospices instead of hospitals. Leaving the people to go to the other side without invasive treatment to prolongue life at the heavy cost of no dignity and quality of life. It will be hard but in the end emotionally rewarding. And again: what a gift you give... Most precious!

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