Monday, November 18, 2013

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 44

The year is drawing down to an end, and while Christmas looms for many, for me and I suspect many digital scrappers, what looms is...printing the year's pages. I took some time last week to see that my weekly folders were filled and correct.

After the week is done, I sort as to PRINT which are the large jpegs, WEB which are the smaller jpegs that go here and elsewhere. Then there is the Finished/PSD folder which has all my edited images, the original psds and sometimes a rtf file with the journaling and supply list.

The supply list has also been cleaned up and is in the metadata for all three of the image variations.  Checking the folders now makes it easy-er to upload them later in the year when I want them printed. I hope to get the uploading & printing done a full week or more before Christmas. Then they'll go  in the binder so dh can enjoy them AT Christmas. The final week or two or three will get done in 2014. I can deal with that.  I really suggest getting your images ready now if you see a print job ahead soon.

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Photocat said...

Now that is organisational wonder... You got it Maureen. It sounds nice to look at the past year on Christmas... Especially if you have guests. Makes for possible cold outside and warm inside...

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