Monday, November 25, 2013

AAM Monday - Home Again and It Feels Good

I almost always am ready to throw the towel in before a trip because the to-ing and fro-ing of getting ready AND living a normal life are increasingly a pain for me. The night before I keep saying that I'm not going, and dh ... can have a great trip without me.  99% of the time I do go but since he is a lot more blasé  about his clothing, I stress...will it be too warm for this? or too cold for that? and while I can get things easily at Target or even WalMart, I don't want to worry about finding something I like, that fits, and isn't too expensive. I suspect many women know what I mean unless you love shopping. I don't.

Well, once home I find that the packing up and unpacking at home gets done in a snap. No decisions there. If it's clean (and I usually do one load of laundry during a week away) it goes neatly into the suitcase - otherwise into a suitcase pocket to go right into the laundry bins at home. We took less food to cook on this trip and so there were virtually no leftovers to pack up for home.

Once home, I am the one to sort through the pile of mail and pitch the rubbish. I can go through the my nearly 1k emails in a snap since I've already read them while on a trip. The few to save are easily found and kept. Swish....empty that trash can!

I try and be sure to have a quick supper ready for our return - frozen if it's summer and just in the fridge if winter. This time it was a small amount of posole and also a container of lasagna soup.  That gives me a day or two of grace before I have to start cooking again.  He also brought up from Hilton Head, a good portion of jambalaya which so far has fed him twice. Me? I've been very happy to have my tea with water I'm used too as it took both of us about 3 days to get used to the taste of the water in our tea and coffee. Just funny stuff when you travel. good as it was to come home...BOY IS IT COLD!!!  These temps in the 20s and 30s is super cold for Maryland and after leaving in an almost 70 day, it was a shock to the system. There was a beautiful sky out last night with stars galore but I wasn't in the mood to bundle up enough to see them.  And yes, I'm missing that beautiful view especially in this one he took on our last morning. It's always a trade off when traveling, isn't it...

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Photocat said...

Gosh, I missed the part that you were away. Was Boston a present trip? I for some reason thought that was a past trip that finally landed on the blog. Welcome home and I admire your sense for organisation!

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