Friday, November 29, 2013

Five on Friday: November 29, 2013

Just a bit of things I've thought of or seen lately.

1. It is now officially ok to start putting up Christmas decorations but you may be more of a traditionalist and wait til Sunday, December 1. I say go for it depending on your weather. My dh said he'd put up lights this year and I wish I'd been able to buy them before we went to Hilton Head when it was still warm. However, I do think those icicle lights would have looked strange, even when unlit.

2. When roads have  signs saying 'speed enforced by aircraft' I always used to imagine an airplane driven missile striking you right into oblivion!  Now I can imagine a drone doing the same... eek.

3. My dh was gracious enough to go partly on a back road on our return from Hilton Head and avoid I-95 when we could. He too was the one who saw the signs for a LeCreuset outlet and offered (!!!) to stop. This sign, out by the store in the middle of nowhere, made us wonder...

4. Are there swamps north of the Mason-Dixon line or are they a southern phenomenon? Or are they just called by another name...bog, marsh etc?

5. I have come to realize I am not a boiled peanut purist. Yes, eating hot ones is nice, but I'm just as happy with room temperature ones as I was the other night when I watched a movie. (But seriously, Netflix...what was going on with you? all my choices were unavailable (???) so I ended up watching the last 3/4 of The Bourne Legacy on HBO. Woo! boy, does Edward Norton have evil character down pat. He chills the blood.)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday: Boston, yes Boston

This trip didn't involve a lot of exciting things to do or dinners out as there might have been if my dh had been on the trip with me. That was just fine. Sometimes I just need a trip where I can go at my own pace, have a good bit of silence AND alone time, and just do what ever I feel like anytime. No expectations, no explanations, no responsibilities. A day where I might spend a lot of the day in bed with tea and toast at regular intervals.

Being out in sleet after getting a very very strange SHORT haircut was not so much fun. I don't think I've ever had such a bad haircut but I have strong thick hair which grows quickly so... But my head was sure cold coming home on this day!

Yes, I got Sick of It

One day I may have a colorful blog background, but that may be the day I stop blogging. Too much clutter for the eyes. So the leaves on the blog left just as the leaves fell down while we were away. There were more leaves than we had trashcans for. Now it's raining. Hopefully, we'll be able to get the last batch in next week's yard waste.

But hello clean-ish background again. Easier on these eyes I have to say.

Monday, November 25, 2013

AAM Monday - Home Again and It Feels Good

I almost always am ready to throw the towel in before a trip because the to-ing and fro-ing of getting ready AND living a normal life are increasingly a pain for me. The night before I keep saying that I'm not going, and dh ... can have a great trip without me.  99% of the time I do go but since he is a lot more blasé  about his clothing, I stress...will it be too warm for this? or too cold for that? and while I can get things easily at Target or even WalMart, I don't want to worry about finding something I like, that fits, and isn't too expensive. I suspect many women know what I mean unless you love shopping. I don't.

Well, once home I find that the packing up and unpacking at home gets done in a snap. No decisions there. If it's clean (and I usually do one load of laundry during a week away) it goes neatly into the suitcase - otherwise into a suitcase pocket to go right into the laundry bins at home. We took less food to cook on this trip and so there were virtually no leftovers to pack up for home.

Once home, I am the one to sort through the pile of mail and pitch the rubbish. I can go through the my nearly 1k emails in a snap since I've already read them while on a trip. The few to save are easily found and kept. Swish....empty that trash can!

I try and be sure to have a quick supper ready for our return - frozen if it's summer and just in the fridge if winter. This time it was a small amount of posole and also a container of lasagna soup.  That gives me a day or two of grace before I have to start cooking again.  He also brought up from Hilton Head, a good portion of jambalaya which so far has fed him twice. Me? I've been very happy to have my tea with water I'm used too as it took both of us about 3 days to get used to the taste of the water in our tea and coffee. Just funny stuff when you travel. good as it was to come home...BOY IS IT COLD!!!  These temps in the 20s and 30s is super cold for Maryland and after leaving in an almost 70 day, it was a shock to the system. There was a beautiful sky out last night with stars galore but I wasn't in the mood to bundle up enough to see them.  And yes, I'm missing that beautiful view especially in this one he took on our last morning. It's always a trade off when traveling, isn't it...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

What I've Learned

I rarely share something from an on-line course but this image seemed too good not to share. We're talking about images here but it applies to all data.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday: November 22, 2013

It's Friday and I have 5 for you.

1. Yes, I'm old enough to remember Kennedy's assassination. I was in college but my ride didn't come and pick me up so I was home for the day. The tv was on because my Nana always liked it on. When the news came on, I recall looking at myself in the mirror in our living room. Was it to see if I believed it? was it to see if I had changed? I don't know but I recall doing that vividly. I also recall that I had a powder blue pleated skirt on. How strange memory is.

2. Today is my last day of vacation and it promises to be a warm - 70ish - humid day. The a/c went on by 7:15 and I doubt it will go off while I'm still here. Beaches are nice; humidity is not.

3. I have done very little cooking on this trip. Just happened that way.

4. While wandering around this island I went to Walmart for some boiled peanuts and found some Christmas ornaments for my grandson's family. Nice to find things associated with his college that were just $2. I'm wise about that because the purple of his high school is no longer in favor so I'll give the college colors a full year before splurging.

5. Pine cones. I have two plastic bags full. These are very fresh and I suspect will last a good while up north. They're way too pretty to spray gold or silver so the old ones may be the ones I decorate!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday: Boston Continued

Well I wanted snow, and yes we got a good dusting. Cold? oh yes....

The skies stayed gray and by afternoon there was rain and sleet. Yes, it was yucky and I was so so glad to have a warm, cozy room to come back to.

Monday, November 18, 2013

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 44

The year is drawing down to an end, and while Christmas looms for many, for me and I suspect many digital scrappers, what looms is...printing the year's pages. I took some time last week to see that my weekly folders were filled and correct.

After the week is done, I sort as to PRINT which are the large jpegs, WEB which are the smaller jpegs that go here and elsewhere. Then there is the Finished/PSD folder which has all my edited images, the original psds and sometimes a rtf file with the journaling and supply list.

The supply list has also been cleaned up and is in the metadata for all three of the image variations.  Checking the folders now makes it easy-er to upload them later in the year when I want them printed. I hope to get the uploading & printing done a full week or more before Christmas. Then they'll go  in the binder so dh can enjoy them AT Christmas. The final week or two or three will get done in 2014. I can deal with that.  I really suggest getting your images ready now if you see a print job ahead soon.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday: November 15, 2013

1. A busy week, though not a lot of things to do. Know what I mean? I tried to mentally slow down, and having coffee with a friend or two helped. These early dark nights make me ready to go to sleep a lot earlier than normal.

2. Have you ever had boiled peanuts? I love them and found that Walmart has them in tins, AND spiced. Still in their shells, they're a messy snack but one I enjoy.

3. This was a week to make soup. Three kinds. Pork posole, lasagna soup, and cheeseburger soup. The posole was for a boys night in dinner yesterday. I made it easier on myself, and bought the cornbread and one of the guests brought dessert. It's easy to please these men I've found. While I do think I give them good food, quantity is often the most important quality.

4. I am reading A Bittersweet Season, Caring for Our Aging Parents - and Ourselves. Neither my husband nor I have parents who are alive so the first part is a moot point. We do have each other though. I think this book could have done with a good bit of editing as well as more paragraph breaks. However, the volume of information that a person needs to navigate assisted living, nursing homes, hospitals and the completion of a probable Medicaid application is daunting. I wish the book had the checklists written out somewhere because they are hard to find when in a general narrative. I am, however, glad to have this read now when it's not an urgent matter and it's got me intent on gathering up more of our documentation now, rather than later.

5. The last two weekends we went out to dinner with friends. That was a lot of fun and I think I'd like to do it at least once a month. That takes planning but is so worth it.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday: Boston

Continuing on with my February trip to Boston where I was looking for snow!

My first day in Boston took me across the highway for my first sfogliatella of the trip. That's the pastry down in the bottom right corner. I adore these!

Every night when it got dark and cold, I had this spectacular view from my room. Love love loved it.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Yes, Dave...It's Coffee's Sneaky Sister

"That's where I discovered English breakfast tea. I didn't realize it had caffeine in it. After seven cups I thought I was going to have a heart attack." Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters etc

Happy Sunday! Now why not make yourself a good cuppa or pot of English breakfast tea...but once you drink the pot, well... you've been warned.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Touchscreen Gloves - How To

I make no claim for this one but considering how pricey these gloves are - usually around $20. - with very little style, it's worth taking a pair of $store gloves to test before you work on a pair of gloves you love.  I love seeing these easy step guides!

Check out How to Make Your Own Touchscreen Gloves by SCOTTnLYN C on Snapguide.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday: November 7, 2013

Leaves are falling left and right. I've filled one trashcan for our recycling but may put the next can of pretties in our own compost bin. Most of the afghans and throws are out and I've got flavored hot coffee in store. I do need to get some decadent hot chocolate though. Maybe I'll wait til December for that spoonable chocolate. In fact I know I should wait.

1. Costco seduced me again. I have one of their pumpkin pies in the fridge but I haven't cut it yet. Once cut, easily gone as I'm the only pumpkin pie eater in the house. I reaaaally like pumpkin pie. It IS a vegetable, right??

2. Yesterday was sign up for my exercise classes. Anne Arundel Community College, you truly have one of the least intuitive websites. I'm good at finding things on line, really good, and that website gets me and my dh every time.

3. Speaking of registering, I had a good laugh when I talked about registration in my Pilates class. One woman said, "Oh none of the classes will have wait lists because so many people go South for three months or so." Ha...they'll be stiff I thought! I do hope we never become snowbirds. Don't tell me I said that if we get a February blizzard.

4. These little pieces of gum are veddy veddy convenient and superbly packaged but...I seem to chew out the flavor pretty darn fast. Am I a flavor sucker or what?

5. This word has been overused in my mind - curated. Can one "select, organize, and look after the items" if they are fey little dishes of food. Curate/d, you are so 2013 ...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Month of Gratitude

I started keeping track of gratitude this month but realized I didn't have time, or want to take the time, to make a page for each day.  I did get this one page done which covers the first 5 days. I'll see how the rest of the month plays out.

Are you recording anything like this? Seeing the good helps us ...see the good, dontcha know.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday - Back to Boston

I got bogged down with the images of Europe from our River Cruise so I decided to get going on my February week in Boston.

Ironically, my trip to Boston was so I could experience some really good snow. Naturally, it snowed the day I was leaving, and a good snowfall it was. Oh well, the ticket was booked as was my stay at Common House. I was going!

By the time we got up to BWI, the ground there was clear and the skies were sunny. Usually farther north has colder weather than we do in Annapolis but this day was the exception. No time to sit in those rockers...I got on the plane and left.

Monday, November 4, 2013

AAM Monday:Project Life Week 43

Still enjoying the fall look of these pages, Week 43 was one for some serious reflection. How far I've come in certain aspects of my life and where I'm going with some of my time. Fall is a perfect time to start looking at where I want to go in the future, let some of the thoughts and plans lay dormant during the winter and then move forward in the spring and summer. The cycle of life.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday: November 1, 2013

1. We had no trick or treating this year because I didn't buy any candy. Too much temptation for the in house residents and if I buy crappy candy, I feel bad giving it to any child who shows up. However, now I'm jonesin' for chocolate! Poetic justice.

2. Sorry but I don't miss Lou Reed. Yes, he was something but somehow I never got into his heaviness. Hope he found light wherever he now is.

3.Aprons with pockets are the only way to go for me but...I freak out when I can't find my phone and find I've left it in an apron pocket. Fortunately, the phone has never been washed. Yet.

4. My beloved Typhoo Decaf has been on back order recently.  I really like this tea and have had to resort to ordering in on Amazon. The normal decaf here takes two tea bags for a pot while my Typhoo only takes one and I think I can taste the difference. In any case my tea is certainly cheaper than his coffee.

5. My studio is still lingering in its totally messy state. I find I can either do some art work on the computer or deal with a bit of that mess. I keep choosing the former and ignoring the latter.  I need to get a move on it before I have a fit.

Well that's it for me this Friday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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