Monday, October 14, 2013

Was That More Rain?

Yes, yes, it was. Someone asked me Thursday night when the rain would stop. (Just call me Ms. Delphi if you like.) I said what I thought I'd read in the newspaper. In about 5 days. Well so far, that seems to be on schedule. It isn't just that it's raining, it's that it's a downpour and then it stops. You get kind of fooled thinking it may be a bit less wet and then it starts up again. Drizzle, drizzle and then another heavy rain.

I really am not complaining because I have a lot of things to get caught up inside the house, but it does make me a bit more reluctant to get out of pajamas and into outside clothes. I did decide that it was time to switch the summer tshirts etc to the depth of the closet and pull the winter ones front and center. Maybe if I have my heavier clothes in front of my nose I'll get dressed!

I have about three feet of my closet that is back in a hard-to-reach-corner. I suspect this closet was built in about the 1940s when there apparently was a fire in the bedroom. Prior to that the bedrooms most likely just had standing wardrobes typical of a 1910 house. That fire was before my ownership of the house but told to me by a woman who lived in the house then. Sounds like smoking in bed! In any case a closet was built on one of the walls and the bi-fold doors only cover the opening that was apparently built to fit those doors. I've often wondered whether it was worth rebuilding the closet wall to open that corner but mostly I just gave up that thought... too much mess and I never mentally resolved how to replace those doors with something better.

Once I finish the rehanging of my summer stuff ( they go from green hangers to white which makes the seasonal items that linger easily spot-able ) I will be ready to face the changing of the bedding. That needs a sunny day to hang linens on the line. Put away with the outdoors scent makes even the linen drawer smell wonderful. It's also time to strip the stalks of lavender that are ready to scent the drawers also. Yes, I am truly a Nana!

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Photocat said...

With a humongous amount of clothes... grin. How can one have so many clothes? Maybe you pointed out a good thing: we don't have built in dressers in Europe, we use furniture and cupboards... Those are by default smaller then a dressing room. We have one in our house in Las Cruces and it looks like a ballroom to me... Guess I will need more clothes. Grin.

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