Tuesday, October 15, 2013

PL Week 39 Beach Time

Week 39 was a week down at Myrtle Beach. We were fortunate not to have rain nor any sign of a hurricane. What we did have was a man with shingles and a grandson too jammed for a visit. I worried (rightly so) that he was burning himself less than a year after having mononucleosis. But it was just as well that he was so busy because the drive to and from Columbia might not have been so good for my own patient.  We didn't even leave Myrtle Beach and the only jaunt was to North Myrtle Beach! LOL

The views from the villas never fails to impress. Gotta love that ocean view and sound. 

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Photocat said...

Hmmm, I still think of Myrtle beach as in Message in a Bottle way... One of my favorite films of all times. Too bad your husband got the shingles. Not fun at all. Grandson will have to learn by himself that running with your nose against a wall hurts, it does not help if we tell them upfront that it does. They need their own life experiences... ;o))) As both you and me know.

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