Thursday, October 24, 2013

Last Day of School - Sorta

I feel a bit like a kid finishing up my last night of Hospice Training. It's not like I'll know it all for sure but it's been quite a month. Classes are usually about 4+ hours and the drive to and from Easton is about an hour each way. You can never be sure about the Bay Bridge traffic and god forbid an accident on Route 50. It's always best to go to the bathroom before this trip - just in case. kwim?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes even tho I am a natural born classroom wiggler. Even in college, I could feel my body (and butt!) getting restless after sitting for 45 minutes. Those last 15 minutes were usually a killer as I wiggled round in my seat, restless and ready to get up and stand, walk ...anything other than sit. I have been known to be able to sit quietly on a stage, ladylike and well behaved for extended periods of time when it was required in a former job. Fortunately, at some point in all that sitting, I would be getting up to make a short speech so I knew a break would come eventually. But I was 20 years younger then and my old restless self is back.

It's a good thing that I have the various exercise classes in the mornings to give my body a bit of moving about before the evening's marathon sit. Tonight will involve some more standing and doing some 'hands on' work though I'm not sure what that will involve. I do know that I have loved the training and have been very grateful to the Talbot Hospice for the quality of speakers and the loving kindness they have all radiated. They set a high standard for those of us who are training to be volunteers.So as much as I'm glad to be done with the 6 hrs of sitting, I know I will miss the camaraderie and love I've had over these 4 or so weeks.   But next comes putting that training into action. That's the progression and I look forward to the next stage, with only a bit of trepidation!

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radish38 said...

Congrats on taking the class. I am not sure I could.

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