Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday: October 18, 2013

This has been one of those weeks. I tried not to fill it up too much while dh was away but it did get jammed. Things went downhill fast on Sunday night when I went to start the dishwasher and saw that the pipes under the sink had come loose.  A lot of scheduled things needed to be shifted with the usual domino effect.  Kind of like when you have children living at home and there's one blip and it ripples out everywhere. I'd forgotten what that is like. Happily forgotten.

1. The under-the-sink episode did get me to thoroughly clean out that area which wasn't too bad other than pureed tomatoes spattered everywhere. It now is a bit more functional and looks tidy. Always a plus in my book.

2. I've started Hospice Training and I'm loving it. However, the twice weekly nightime drive to and fro plus the hours of training add up to a lot of sitting.  With the shifts due to a plumber visit, I've missed some exercise classes that I certainly could have used. Boy was I getting stiff! Next week is the final week and so any driving I do to Easton afterwards will most likely be in the daytime and won't involve Just Sitting.

3. Finally found the missing last bit of Halloween decorations etc. Of course some of the items can move into November but not all. One year, I'll get them all out BEFORE October!! Trouble is is that it's usually still hot in September and my mind doesn't want to go to thoughts of Halloween. Gotta retrain that brain.

4. Have you noticed how many new pins on Pinterest are not full links anymore? Or they link back to Tumbler which is a royal pain because it's just an image. Nada as far as any how to. This makes me cross. Boo Hiss.

5. There's another Vince Flynn 'Mitch Rapp' book on my reading list - The Third Option. I have read one or two of this series  years ago but otherwise I'm reading them in order. Sadly, I just saw the Vince Flynn died this year. Sigh...

 It's finally getting more fall like here and with a full moon too! Have a great weekend!

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Photocat said...

Wow, that is a full week. I totally admire you for the hospice care course. One heavy job to do but what more could you do for your fellow human? Help him leave this earth in a hopefully more peacefull way?
The sink adventure is drab, we all know it. Been there done that.
I am still finding a lot of full links. In fact, I hardly pin myself, but do take over from other pinners. I wonder how exactly to pin with the real URL included..

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