Monday, September 30, 2013

Playing with Bees

Today I saw one of the baby bees I think while out cutting back my lavender.  Earlier in the summer the bush was often filled with fat, buzzing bees getting their fill of nectar.  Oh you could just about watch them getting tipsier by the minute as they flitted from stem to stem. But today I had the plant to myself cutting the old stems back and getting a batch of new blossoms as well. No bees to be seen. Finally as I was getting done for the day one little bee, a skinny looking kid, came along and had a snack or two then disappeared. Fatten up little one or you won't make it through the winter!

I decided to finally jump in and play over at Sunday Postcard Art. This week was Bees. Very apropos.

My contribution - totally digital - was made with one long time favorite product from Kelly Mize, her Bee Husbandry kit. No longer sold, it was one of my earliest purchases.  Once I had that bee glittered up, I had fun just browsing through my Lightroom catalog and picking things at random.  If I liked it ok, if not, fine.  Those that made the cut were a freebie frame from Katie Pertiet, word art from Anna Aspnes, cattails from MZimm, and paper from Jesse Edwards. A quick fun piece.


Jeanette said...

I love the golden colors and texture on your card. I browsed your blog and love it.

hedgehogstudio said...

The glittered bee is beautiful. The combination is so soothing. Makes me feel like I am are walking through a golden marsh.

Deborah said...

Love your glittery bee - really different.

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