Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello Big Water

Crossing the big water today and not my usual foray westward across the Potomac. This time I'm heading east and no, the Big Water is not the Atlantic. I'm kind of glad it's not a day of getting on a plane heading out on one of our big trips of a week or more.  I'm rarely up for that when the weather is hot ....and....humid. Naw.

This is just a day for me.  Me alone. A day crossing our local big water. I rarely do this trip but it's going to be a part of my life next month. But today, it's just a crossing.  Hello Chesapeake.

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Photocat said...

O my, that looks like a wonderful spot seen from high up. Water can be so soothing and good for our minds and soul. Have fun crossing the big water...

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