Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday: September 6, 2013

Dare I say it? It was cool this morning, ok a bit chilly in fact.  It can stay this way all year as far as I'm concerned! least til November. That seems fair, right? That gives me the time to do the things I try to do in the fall. They include:

1.  This may be the day to change the bathroom and kitchen (dish) towels to the autumn sets.  It means dragging a bin out of my closet and making sure all the 'summer' towels are washed and dried. I think I'm done with the laundry part!

2. Gear up and try to get myself in the mood to do the semi-annual polishing of the copper. I have some plates/plaques from Iran and other copper bits scattered round the house. They no longer look like copper by this time of year with our humidity.

3. It's time to get the Halloween stuff out and see if I'm actually going to have a bit of play with some faux pumpkins. I usually leave it til too late and swear ...Next year I'll be ready!

read about it

4.  Time for the pumpkin lattes! I saw that Starbucks had a code to get them before the 'official' date but it was still too hot imho, and I'm too cheap to pay that much for that many calories. So I make my own - decaf and with Stevia. Almost guilt free.  I think it will be an iced pumpkin iced tea coffee later today. We'll see if it's hot or cold coffee.

5. Last and probably least, start getting ready to put the garden to bed. So often we are traveling and while I hate seriously dislike  avoid getting this done each year and use the travel as an excuse, I am sorely disappointed with myself as those weeds etc continue to flourish throughout our mild winters.  I know I am no longer a gardener at heart any more but the maintenance is still needed. Boo hiss.

So there's a start of fall activities and chores.  Really only #5 is a chore and with hot pumpkin spice lattes as a reward it can morph into an activity. I hope!

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