Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday: September 20, 2013

September! where have you gone? Is it the shorter days that seem to make this month go quickly or is it all the things that feel like they need doing as the seasons change? Here in Maryland we have bursts of cool days when I want to put all the summer stuff away and out of sight, but then typically there are those days in October that cry out for sandals and air conditioning, I'm used to it but I still don't love it.

1.  IOS7? yes, I've upgraded. So far so good. All my bits and pieces seem to work just fine on both devices. I'll hold out a bit on the upgrade on the iMac, tho my dh did his. I like to let him be my beta tester.

2. I signed up on line for a new volunteer job. I like doing this kind of thing on line but...didn't I  have a devil of a time with the 'captcha' security codes.  I usually have to keep switching them til I can see one clearly but this form didn't give me the option. When it didn't end (i.e. the form still appeared to need submitting) I kept at it. I either sent them one form, none, or five. I had hoped to avoid printing it, filling it in, scanning it, and then faxing.  We'll see ...

3. Change of season reminds me to oil my soapstone counters. Oh when I do it, I always wonder why I don't do it more often. Probably because one of the residents of this house is always eating a meal or needing one cooked. I set limits last night! My counters now look dreamy. I love my soapstone!

4. Bought myself a $-store chain for my glasses, red sparklies, and my dh says it looks like I have blood dripping down my cheek. Not the image I wanted. Would the green have looked like  I was growing moss?

5. Any recipe that starts with one or two ripe avocados makes me wish I were in CA for a quick shopping trip! Ripe avocados? do they exist round here? I would eat one every day - at least - if I could find them.

No matter what you have to eat or do, be sure to have a great weekend!

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Photocat said...

I can never hear Silky Smooth without thinking about the Zohan. ;o)))
Your countertop looks smashing right now! I wish you a good weekend too.

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