Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday: September 13, 2013

1. Yep, Friday the 13th. I'm looking forward to good things today despite the date's bad reputation.

2. Isn't it time for summer humidity to say Adios? I have to keep telling myself, this is Maryland, this is Maryland. This is normal. This is normal but after all these years, I still don't like it.

3. I'm always tickled when I meet a new friend and see how much we have in common.  God does move in mysterious ways, and we sure do seem to know our own 'tribe'.

4. Wednesday I saw a van with an engine fire and people were taking their time to get by - taking photos no doubt?. I had a quick photo while waiting but, as soon as I could, I got the hell outta there. Have those other people never heard of engines exploding?? I mean geeze...right on West Street they were only about 7 ft away as they lingered! Insane...

5. I've had my first and probably last Starbucks Pumpkin Latte. Too expensive, too many calories, and probably still too hot out to relish it. I still haven't looked for my 'faux' recipe. That will be tasty in November's cold weather I hope. Mostly I hope November IS cold.

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