Monday, September 30, 2013

AAM Project Life 13 Wk 37

I was away at the beach all last week and as always I found it a lot harder to scrap on my dh's old MacBookPro than on my dear well-loved iMac. I also found that I didn't have any of my actions loaded on that copy of PSE and I'll be darned if could remember how to do some of the things I wanted to do - like make a web sized copy - without an action. I finally bit the bullet and just brought the psd files home and finished up the supply credit and resizing with Christy Vanderwall's wonderful actions. Ok, they're actually called scripts and you can find them right here at SpeedScraps - for free! Thank you thank you thank you once again Christy!

And now on to the pages. The 2nd page was such a happy facial shot despite being a pretty lousy photo. I almost missed Anne but decided to use it, and even tilted it a bit more than it actually was. Dad's son is actually 26 but he could have fooled me if I'd been told he was 18 or so! This guy is going to look young all his life I suspect.

Do you realize there are only 15 more weeks in the year? ONLY fifteen???  How can that be? There seems to be something in doing this project that keeps the flow going only to have me suddenly realize how time much time has passed. For the most part, the weeks have been good, actually very good. Here's to the next 15!

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