Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial: Cut Out Text

How I Finally Wrote Down the Steps

KPertiet Cranberry Twill no longer sold at Designer Digitals

Each time I think I will remember how to do this, I, of course, forget and have to google the technique, and hope I'll find a method I can understand.

Earlier this summer, I saw the steps - somewhere - and made this. The shape can be any shape but this is an Amy Wolff one from her Date Cutouts. I started by filling in the cut out word, Us, and making it just a scalloped circle. The text is landi_echo. If the background of this page were yellow or some other color that is the color, not the white,  that would show where those four numbers are. That is to say that the white is not ON either of these elements; it's what shows through because the text above and the numbers below are cut out.  Got that?

Ok, we'll start with some of the steps. These are the steps I wrote to make it clear to me, and if it's mud to you, I'm sorry. Ask me and maybe we can figure it out. I am in PSE10 and on a Mac. If you're on a PC, when I say cmd (command) you say ctrl (control).

1. create new layer (background) & make it a distinct color so you can see the effect of the cut out when done
2. create another new layer above the background
3. on that layer create a shape or plunk a simple .png like that twill above or the scalloped circle above
4. simplify your shape if it was created with the shape tool  - over in the layers panel right click on the shape and select simplify
5. create another new layer
6. write text on your new layer
7. simplify text (see number 4)
8. merge simplified text and simplified shape

9. magic wand function-click on shape with text on screen (you'll get marching ants)

10 right click on shape & select inverse (which means the text)  - you still have marching ants

11. hit delete and text (i.e. the inverse )is gone (yes???)

12. cmd-d to eliminate marching ants - then delete the background layer (the lavender color below the shape)

 13.  You now have a label shape with cut out text - the text area is now transparent

I believe this process could be simplified (writing the text ON the shape to begin with and then simplifying the lot?) but I haven't taken the time to check that out yet.  If anyone knows an easier way or a shorter way PLEASE let me know! Simpler is almost always better in my book.  If this works for you, again, I'd be glad to hear and see your examples.  Have fun!

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Mimi said...

Thank you for spelling it all out for me! Lorna

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