Thursday, August 1, 2013

I sew, I sew

I am making slow progress with my SEWN class but that's ok with me. What is not ok, is how the cut paper and sewing bits has taken over too much space in my house. Today and/or tomorrow is the time to get more bits sewn and then get the sewing machine out of the dining room.  My dh has not complained as we have all of our meals in the kitchen but with our open plan, that dining room is always visible.

Sewing upstairs means putting the sewing machine on my computer table or...setting up a card table. I have filled this room with so many things it cannot take too much more without my falling over myself.  But enough about my challenges... because we haven't even discussed the time it takes for painted and gessoed papers to dry!! They take so much space! Finito.

Here is what I have done...

Now I just have to get some more bits sewn and then put them away for a bit. I need a week of TIDY and maybe get back to the digital for a bit. Then it will be time to make a mess again. Is that your process at all? or do you happily live in the artistic clutter?

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Photocat said...

Your strips look so nice Maureen. Love the color pattern . I get what you are saying about the living room table. I am in the living room too as my son is sleeping in my guest/craft room... After a while you want to see the table again! ;o)

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