Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday: August 30, 2013

Almost the end of summer, even tho I know it's technically around til the Autumn Equinox - September 21 I think? And yes, here in MD, it often seems likes summer well into October. This weekend is usually considered the end of summer with the long Labor Day weekend and the traditional return to school.  I truly don't get going back to school mid August. I'm glad that wasn't part of my going to school years.

1. On the summer note, this has not been a great year for fruit. There are still peaches at one of the grocery stores for 99c a lb but I'm not sure if they are worth getting. Not a great amount of flavor this year. I may have a few figs left to pick on our tree but the birds are out in force and I don't mess with a flock of birds. Sadly, my neighbor isn't doing much picking this year. I think his main tree is too tall for him to try and climb a ladder into it. I may see about pruning mine so it doesn't get taller.

2. My FitBit wristband bit the dust. Putting the band on after it was too loose over night, I ended up snapping it and it came unglued. Literally. It's now ready to be picked up by UPS and replaced. I tried getting another wristband at Best Buy but no luck. No bands and not much else in the whole tracker field. Oh well...maybe I'll have a long weekend break for tracking.

3. While the FitBit bit the dust, I also felt like I was ready to this a.m. at aerobics. I log that hour as Zumba on the FB since we do a lot of Latin dance routines. I think the humidity is getting to us even though we are in an air-conditioned room. I could have laid down on the floor and gone to sleep when we were done. I didn't though since the Chair exercisers were headed in as we left.

4. On my way home I snapped this. Is this a sign from God that I am meant to be a couch potato since this new store is only a couple of blocks away??? That's one worth pondering. Actually it isn't since with our old house and its small rooms we are maxed out with a 40" screen.

5.  I was the only student in today's Chair Yoga and that was great. The teacher's mother died last weekend and I think the quiet of the yoga helped us both. I was able to share a finger hold for her sadness/grief and we did a mediation at the end sending light to anyone. I sent it to her mother and mine and I felt the sadness ...and tears welled up. I think our mothers miss us too. It was all good.

So for those of you on a long weekend - enjoy it and be safe! Everyone the same. :)

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Photocat said...

Loosing a parent takes a lot of time to get to grips with. My dad passed away 3 weeks after I got to England, now almost 12 years ago, and it still hurts on some days. At least you are taking yoga to find some balance. What is it with Americans and their big screens? I had a 20 inch one in Belgium and that suited me fine. But then I met this crazy American and now I have a 40 inch also. Nearly divorced him over this one. ;o)
Have a great labor day weekend!

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