Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday: August 23, 2013

Ah...Friday. Even tho I'm retired, Friday still has a bit of that Phew feeling because I have no exercise classes on Saturday or Sunday. My own kind  of weekend.

1. Talking with a relative this week, we agreed that it's way too late in our lives to deal with high school/teenage kind of drama. (High school students are allowed this kind of 'foolishness' because that's appropriate to their stage in life.)  But being sucked into this kind of drama whether at work or on Facebook etc  Naw...count us out. Saying no to the drama feels really good.

2. Yes! I finally got the Fitbit I wanted and will have to google around to answer some of the questions I have. FB says restless during the night. I say awake. 

3. Tracking food? I bit that bullet and finally started to do it too. Will I eat fewer not-so-great foods if I 'have to' write it down?  And finding the calories of stuff will be an ongoing little project I sense.

4.  My grandson has started college, with his first class yesterday.  Right now Dad is at home taking use-it-or-lose-it leave but in a week, the effect of losing one driver will affect the rest of the family. A different kind of missing him.

5.  I shifted my JinShinJyutsu energy work this week. After a weekend class with the wonderful 6 scheduled sessions, my knee and ankle are feeling a lot better. Letting go of a few things also helps a lot.  I see hope that the muscle issues can resolve without surgery.

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