Monday, August 12, 2013

AAM Monday LIttle Time for Fun

I'm sorry to have missed my time on my blog but lately I have been trying to tidy up the final threads on some volunteer work.  Between that and the stress of a few family and friend issues, it has not been the August I had hoped it would be. I didn't retire for this, but as with most things, they resolve in the end. Resolution just hasn't just come yet, I'm afraid.

We did get to go to the Washington DC Congressional Cemetery 'Goat Festival' as I call it. Goats are brought in by a volunteer org (No not mine!) and they happily munch away doing major cleanup of the cemetery grounds for free.  Unfortunately, neither of us had time to go watch them until the next to the last day when the grounds looked pretty darn good.

looking in as we arrive - no goats visible
lots of dog walkers and families - We all follow the Goat Signs
A few of the more recent tombstones caught our eye. This one was very poignant.

"They gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one."

It was a hot and oh so humid morning but we traipsed to the cemetery edge and say the goats happily eating away outside the main grounds.

A beautiful allee of trees.

Hot, sweaty as from an aerobics class, we slooowly trudged back to our...blessed car and air/conditioning.  Next year, I want to go earlier in the week of munching which I seriously wish were in October not August.

Now I just hope to have August be the quiet month I had anticipated. Starting next week perhaps???

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Photocat said...

Odd. My summer wasn't exactly like I had hoped. Odd how at times black clouds spread over cities and people. Often caused by other people... Keep hoping for a nice Indian summer! That will do you good... ;o))

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