Monday, July 1, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial (on Monday): Adding a Feedly Button to Your Blog

I had a hard time understanding and finding information on this so once I found the bits of information I needed, I decided to put it together and share it with you.

First of all you need your blog feed. I found the best information here. I used the RSS 2.0 Full Feed info for Blogger.  Since my blog name is 'cookingmylife', I just inserted that information into the url template they show- . I then had as the feed info for MY blog.

Then I went to Feedly. Not the Feedly where YOU get YOUR feeds but rather the Feedly website. It's not too intuitive but when you get to this page,  the hyperlink tells you how to get to the  the Feedly Factory.   <----Just click there.

If you want to look at more information on this page, here is the link to it. Feedly Help.

Now you are ready to start creating your button.

Step 1 - Select your button of choice (i.e click on the one you want to use. Nothing will seem to happen but that's ok.)

Step 2 - Insert your feed URL  Remember what you created earlier? when you put your blog name into a file like this?  Now copy and paste your feed name into the empty space. Yes, you're almost done!

Step 3: Copy and embed the HTML code snippet   FIRST, you have to click on that little Feedly button and see if it takes you to YOUR Feedly feed. If it does, say Halleluiah!!! and continue on. If not, sad to say I can only suggest you stop have a drink - tea, coffee or something stronger if needed - and start from the beginning. But that shouldn't happen. Seriously.

When that button click does take you to the feed your followers will see, you will see the HTML code appear. Copy it.  Then you continue with the directions for your type of blog.

Depending on the button you chose, you should then see something like this on your blog. That is the largest button fyi. Feel free to click on it if this tutorial made you happy.

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