Thursday, July 4, 2013

Maureen Makes Art - Kindergarten Style

I make no claims to be an Artiste (!) but I have been ready to have a go  mucking about with paper and pen and ink and brushes etc etc for a while.

When I retired, I thought that was the direction I would go but I soon learned that my heart wasn't in it (yet) and the digital world won my affections. I still feel much more at home there/here that in the messy tactile world I now crave. No Cmd-Z for 'mistakes. Ok, no mistakes, just play.  I have supplies and I have a class "SEWN" . Head Craft Monkey is Mary Ann Moss who leads us down the garden path strewn with colors and designs that have no limits. It isn't totally my style but it's opening me up to JUST PLAY. Getting to Play has been a time in a-coming for me...

So what did I do today? I played. I'm the one in Kindergarten and I'm fine with that. One thing that tickled me was that Mary Ann had some Turkish music as background for one of her videos. (Gotta be in class to see them...go ...go...sign up!) I opened my iTunes to get an Arabic cd to play but never got around to actually pushing the play button.  It didn't matter. That thought went from my noodle brain down to my hands and when I was done, I saw that I had made designs that came from my old mental images of Arabic numbers. My memories of life in Tehran had surfaced.  Fascinating how the Big Noodle aka brain works. Creativity. What the heck do we really know about it except that it is real and connects us to...fill in your own blank.

So have a look see....
 It's important to have a peach when painting, and it's also interesting to SEE without one's glasses. 

 Let the sun shine in! watercolor shapes drying in the sun and making me happy.

 No bees inside the house; they're all outside getting high/full tummies on my lavender.I love watching them and they do let my cut some stalks as well.

 Shapes made on old graph paper my husband was going to throw out when we got married. So I've hoarded this paper for 12 years. It's time...

 Paper towel strips used to wipe the paint brushes are worth keeping I've been taught. One can always make use of things. It's organic art.

 More water color pencil but now wet.

Batch 1. The 4th of July special. Funny but I wasn't interested in any red, white and blue. I guess my mind was in the Persian Gulf.


Photocat said...

I totally dig your fourth of july batch. I guess the fact that we actually lift a brush makes us one, more or less. Maybe an artist has an inner child waiting to pop out. We are popping and budding right now. ;i))

Joyfulploys said...

Great patterns!!This is so much fun!!!

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