Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday: Jun 19, 2013

1. I don't do heat and humidity well. This week has been pretty hard on me because I tried to get some things done. All in all I could have stayed in bed and just waited it out by sleeping.

comatose post pizza dinner

2. I gave caffeine up about 5 or more years ago. I drink decaf iced tea with stevia all summer. Today I have two meetups both involving meeting at coffee shops.  I hope they have some green tea. My home brewed tea is usually so much better.

3. Even in the pm dusk, it's hot for watering the flowers. I tell them "Take what you can and do your best." I hope they can cope with that.

4. We both saw a black bird that was bigger than any I've seen in Maryland. Scary big. Ravens in the Southwest I've seen up close and personal. But here? If I'd been outside I may have shrieked and run!

5. I'm a week behind with Project Life. Right now it feels like a chore. I think I'm tired of it and just plain tired. I want temps in the 50s and 60s. I believe this is called Cranky.

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Photocat said...

Hot in UK too, comparing to normal English values. In the 80's. I agree with you that humid weather takes all the umphhh out of our step. Stay low and take it easy. You can do anything when it rains...

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