Friday, July 5, 2013

Five on Friday: July 5, 2013

There have been a lot of things that tickled my fancy this week. Some were things I saw while driving hither and yon. Others were things I ate. Then again, sometimes is was a person who made my heart smile.

1. I saw a sign on a church I pass periodically - If you can read this sign, you're close enough to come in.  Nice.

2. Peaches have arrived. I bought a dozen that I thought were still a bit hard only to find that my husband ate one immediately. They are ripe & luscious and we're down to 4.

3. I had an opportunity to speak to some women who really want to change their lives. Such a welcome contrast to some others. Plus,the receptionist at the site shared some of her Old Bay Potato Chips with me. Oh that's a dangerous slope!

4. I'm painting and playing with color and paper and letting the hand just ...move.

5.After a lot of rain recently, we had sun yesterday and it looks like sun today. I bet the farmers are  really happy! I am.

How's your weekend starting?

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Photocat said...

i am paint playing too. started on real paper ysterday. i am curpious for monday... keep up the good work.

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