Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday: July 12, 2013

A very rainy morning, the kind where it would be so nice to just stay in bed and sleep and listen to that rain. But it was not to be...aerobics, a chair yoga and later a drive down to Southern MD for a retreat. I'm looking forward to it but suddenly a lot of stuff is going on in my life and it isn't the quiet summer I'd imagined.  But we mush on!

1. I have been keeping a mental list of some of the unusual jobs I've heard lately. Jobs I just never fathomed.... nuclear reactor sales.  Concrete sales - I knew that but strictly sidewalk installers...hmm, that was a new one. Data artist. I love the description of that one, and only wish I were younger and qualified! Do you have any unusual jobs to add to my list?

2. We have a slow but steady crop of the giant cherry tomatoes. Now if we can balance the good summer rain with hot sunny days, it will be fun to have those little gems to snack on.

3. I am finding that paper and paint and glue and scissors create a much bigger mess than digital work. Well, duh...but I'd forgotten how much I dislike the mess. My paper cover for my pattern book is glued but not sewn. Look at these cuties.

4. I cleaned my sewing machine and have my manual. Now all I need is ...thread, needles, a few more bobbins, and the patience to thread follow the instructions on how to thread that machine, ditto on make the bobbins, and then...pray that the needles don't start breaking as I sew the cover for my SEWN journal. Mary Ann I'm starting to doubt....

5. Yesterday, I asked himself to go to the Amish market for meats and cheese and anything else he'd like while I'm away this weekend. What did I do yesterday?? Mostly start the key-wording of my zillion .png files in my new Lightroom 5 catalog. I love that this version of LR 'sees' .pngs.  It's well worth all the doing but it is eye crossing. What did he get extra? Some pulled pork sandwiches sold by some cut little Amish girls.  :)  I added hot spiced vinegar to mine since I like mine North Carolina style.

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