Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Can Spray Paint Be Far Behind???

Well, I'm having my summer fun just painting away with as little thought as I can manage. I wish I had table sized papers but I do want to use the things I have and not buy what I really don't need. I know I have some rolls of white paper so once I clear off more of the table (this means just shifting the stuff around or 'moving dust' as my dh calls it), I can put some BIG pieces of paper out and see what happens.

Right now I am really enjoying playing with my acrylics. Some of my SEWN classmates/teacher refer to these craft paints as  Under $2 paints. I believe almost all of mine were 4 for a $1 or at least 3 for a $1.  Give me a sale like that and I can go wild with a fiver!

I do want to try out my spray paints. That will take some brain time to remember what colors I can layer without getting a page of mud. Perhaps a bit of restraint will fit in to this bit of foolery. Anyhow, there was a new batch of papers. Crayons were fun but the colors were rather subdued. Still fun to do.

Then came the acrylics again. Here's the whole kit and caboodle.

And here they are individually. Let me tell you those fully painted pages are pretty solid. Some of them are plain untextured card stock, stuff that I got by the ream.The squares are just old office bond with the letterhead cut off.  When someone's no longer in office which happened  'a few times' at one of my jobs in politics, the letterhead etc is trash for the shredder. I scrounged it first! Not to write on but for this kind of thing.

There you have it. I'd never fool anyone that I went to MICA but I paid my money for summer camp, and I'm having a blast. In this camp, I can drink all the iced tea I want, sleep in a comfy bed with air/conditioning and this camp is mosquito free too! Doesn't that sound like Adult Camp???


Marysol said...

Maureen, you're awesome! Between you and Monique, I'm tempted to break out my brushes and start painting again.

Even if I'm more of a doodler than a painter. It started when I got my first set of coloring pencils. Anyone who came to my house (and stayed more than 5 minutes), walked away with their own portrait - whether they liked it or not :)

Other mediums followed, but I'm happiest with a pencil in my hand.

the teacup incident said...

Great colors and so many fun patterns!

Photocat said...

I am extremely fond of the pale blue with the red triangles in it. What a nice stash of papers. At times I do have the muddling problem too... That's why I am taking a real painting class in September, as in move myself to a place and time where a real life teacher will be. Totally different then online. The moss class is awesome though, having so much fun.

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