Monday, July 22, 2013

AAM Monday Pages from SEWN Book

This may only be of interest to those who are interested in how a very unskilled beginner makes an successful attempt at making a handmade book. Successful in that I DID it.  For a first attempt, I will easily live with the quality. I have a lot to learn but it was fun in the doing.

 We start with the inside cover and move on to the various pages. Some are my patterns, some are digital layouts that were duplicates and I tore, painted or played with in various ways.  Maps, graph's all usable.

This is the center point where the binding shows. I didn't have any of the normal binding thread so I used double strands of waxed dental floss. This was actually cinnamon flavored (!) and very old worked. Never stop for lack of the 'right' tool. Improvise!

Finally a larger view of the photo of me on the cover. Taken ...uh...about 68 years ago. I have a lot more hair these days and wear considerably more clothes.  That waxed dental floss was a royal pain to sew with here as well as trying to stab the thick paper but once again, it got done.


Say It In Color said...

Ah yes, I found your blog!! I LOVE your naked truth photo!! And your papers sewn together great colors!!!

Say It In Color said...

OPPS...hit the button too soon....I really love your yummy pages to paint in your journal!! I have YET to do that....finish a journal and even paint in it, but figure when this class stops, or winter comes I'll have these to play in then....over coffee and a biscuit!! You asked the measurement of the stips in my last post which you so graciously commented on....before I cut it into three sections the size of the whole piece was 11.5 inches by 32 the strips were 11.5 inches...then I cut them and they ended up to be 3.5 inches in the middle and a little more on the outside ones....I found a fabulous frame, cheap that would give it a 2.5' border of off white and am thinking of just laying it on top of the off white, but want to some way put a large saying (scripture) for my black...sewing the saying or letters on....still playing with ideas, but the post cards in this are from 1913 and from the little farm area I lived until last year...although I only moved 17 miles down the road to a little larger town of 5,000 people instead of 81 !!This is probably the first of many classes I have taken that I am following through with! I think this paper thing and pattern painting is my kinda thing!!! How is the sewing machine doing? I need to go the storage and get my good old machine that is more reliable....

Photocat said...

You did great Maureen. I like your patterns and how you fill them inbetween with found treasures. You might try an ice pick next time to punch holes if your paper is really thick... Your book has been made, a wonderful first!

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