Monday, July 15, 2013

AAM Monday: It Was a Very Good Time

This past weekend I went on retreat so there's not a lot of photos of that time, except in my head. That's how it should be.

We were all women and while it was a very good time, it occasionally got pretty loud when about 80 women were eating and talking. Boy could we raise the decibel level! We also had a tremendous rain, so heavy that the view of the river was totally blocked. We could only see a curtain of white beyond these trees.

This was a spiritual retreat so we had a retreat leader who gave several talks that gave us things to ponder. Not only did I ponder, I also had the opportunity to speak with some other women I had never met and exchange ideas and thoughts. Like the curtain of rain blocking our vision, by evening the sky was clear again, and our minds were finding clarity.

I have come to the conclusion that I do want to go on a silent retreat some time in the future. Not sure when but I know it'll happen.  I'll miss the interaction I had with these other women but I'll have a deeper interaction with my own soul. It's all good.

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