Monday, July 1, 2013

AAM Monday - Happy July

What's the date???

This year, I have made calendars for myself and for small frames from Ikea that we have in the kitchen. I like having a calendar in the downstairs area but finding one we both agree on is not always easy. We have been sent ones as gifts and I usually don't like them at all. So this spring I went to some of the zillion images I've found on the web and made 5x7ish ones just for us. I also have a square one that I keep in a CD folder. I'm not so thrilled about that design and need to modify it a bit.

I've also used calendar templates from different digital suppliers, and if the file is a .psd, I just juggle the dates around so I can use the templates from prior years. This is June's calendar ready to be replaced downstairs. The original image was done by a Swedish artist whose info I cannot find. Those drips were pretty correct for our June. What rain we've had!

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Michele said...

What a clever idea! I think it must be very nice to have a personalized calendar in the kitchen. A good idea I might "borrow!"

Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving the lovely comment. I like the feather pattern the more I work with it.

Isn't SEWN fun???

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