Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday: Passau, Part 2

Because of a prior time constraint, I had to cut my post about Passau in two. Part one is HERE.

Just a quick look into this church to see how beautiful it was but philistine that I am sometimes, I wanted to see more of the daily life than churches.

This music shop was intriguing especially as I have a son who is an amateur musician. But I had to pace myself and not get carried away with going into shops.

Seeing how steep these steps were, I hesitated considering my already injured knee. But as there were railings, I decided I wold go down, slowly, and hope that there was a set of steps up somewhere along the rivers that was not so steep.

The view to my right  (back into town) was gorgeous as I got down those steps, and the view to the left (below) would take me to the point of the city.  I decided to take the route to the right and walk through the town some more.

Just past the bridge the city leveled out and there was this attractive playground, sans children. I did sit and hope for some people watching but alas, almost no one.

So following some Mummies briskly pushing toddlers in pushchairs, I walked (flat streets!) past many shops. I did go into this one which had lovely household items as well as knit clothing and some jewelry. It was the simple but elegant decorations that wowed me. Clever ideas for places too small for a Christmas tree.

I always want to get a stalk of the plant below and just as often forget the name. ???

Others were having coffee and pastries in this shop but I resisted. Ah virtue!

I have yet to be able to find a translation for the name of the giant black vegetables contrasting with those luscious red tomatoes. The latter are probably hydroponic or from Israel.

Another shop I did go in and wandered longingly through was this kitchen shop. Other women might lust over jewelry or clothes but me...give me a kitchen shop and I drool.

I did find the spaetzle maker I was looking for but at close to $100, I decided not to get it. I do try to avoid one item gadgets and feared I would make more spaetzle than my body should have. I still have regrets though.. Sigh. It even had 3 different dies for various sizes!

By the time I left this kitchen store, it was getting late and I did want to get down to that little park on the point. It had never been less than damp all day but now there was an increasing moisture in the air.

 Past the tempting schmaltzbrot...

Past the intriguing Bollywood Indian restaurant...and down to the

I saw a youngish man sitting on the bench and asked him to take my photo. It turned out he was a college graduate Czech, working in Germany. He confirmed what I had already heard - that the Germans look down their noses upon the Eastern Europeans. I suspect the Germans had better watch that attitude...

Around the curve, through the ancient city wall... with one look back at this side of the city. Sadly that tower is very visible in the earlier post of the recent flooding.

The rain finally started and I hustled along with these schoolgirls. Back to my ship for me and maybe a stop for a drink or just home for these girls.

I wonder how much school they missed due to the floods. It always sounds like it's great to get out of school until it happens that way.

Goodbye Passau. You were a fun town to visit. I hope and pray a dry normalcy returns quickly for you.

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