Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday - More Cesky Krumlov

We left my dh walking up the hills of this Czech town.  He told me he enjoyed it but once again there are only so many towns with important churches and castles and decorated walls one can see before the feeling of  'btdt' starts to set in. One of the reasons I decided to pass on this one was the endless flow of information into the headsets from our guides. I started to get headaches from wearing them and listening. Now I will admit I had traveled through Germany years before, knew a great deal of the history, and hearing some of the same things day in day out got tiring. I know each guide had her work to do so I don't blame them. I only know I was getting 'full'.

Any city or town worth its while has to have a river, especially if it's a historic town. Rivers were critical for commerce and this one is the Vltava River. I wonder if it floods as much as the ones in Germany...

Not sure who the statue is of but I'll make a guess that it's Saint Vitus, considering that the cathedral is named for him.

That is the Cathedral tower you see through the alley. Again...no people?

Lovely red roofs and such a contrast with the overcast skies.

Remember what I said earlier about walking UP the hill? I wonder if they had to walk down for their lunch.

Rather romantic looking - except for that coke bottle. When any of our group ordered a Coke, it was always served in a bottle. Quite a change from the usual can in the US.

Not sure what he had but I will strongly suspect it was pork. Food like this definitely tastes good on a chilly, wet day.

 Dessert and coffee. I think I would have been ready for a nap after this!

Shades of tourism... Coffee to go. We almost never say local people carrying coffee or other drinks around the way we Americans do. Of course there was also a lot of bicycle riding, though after seeing the Dutch bicyclists, I suspect they can do most anything while riding a bike!

He told me about this bookstore which had a lot of books in English - obviously. But no purchases were made.

 Now some more scenic views of the city.

Ok, some not so scenic too.

I think there actually was a lot of walking around free time after lunch before this coffee and pastry were taken. I like the addition of the shot of cold water with the coffee. We didn't seem to see that in Germany but remembered it from Eastern Europe.

On that sweet note, I'll next be back with my day in Passau Germany.

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