Saturday, June 1, 2013

Time To Gripe - A Recent List

I have a good life. Very little is really wrong but every once in a while some little things bug me. Here are a few of the recent ones.

Ant hill in Zambia

  1. I really get dismayed when Creative Team members on scrapbooking site forums can never answer a scrapbooking question without trying to sell a product.  It wasn't always like this so there's really not a lot to read anymore. I need to find new forums I believe, one where the Creative Team members are Sales Associates.
  2. It is serious ant season. Not regular ants but lots of teeny tiny ones. Black ones, tan ones and occasional red ones. Thank god not like the stinging ants of Africa! Boy do I remember the ones in Malawi, and trust me I wouldn't be standing on one like that person in the photo. However, I still have enough ants to be a royal pain in the house. When I squish one on my computer desk, I leave the teeny carcass which seems to frighten others...for a while.
  3. How can I do 180 minutes of serious cardio each week, eat mostly veggie and healthy food, drink lots of water, and not lose weight??? I do feel healthier and fitter but I think my doctor would still like to see that number come down.
  4. Addendum to #3....and when is that belly fat going to get going??? Must I resort to Spanx? in the summer?
  5. Knee braces are frickin hot. I need a wick-away-sweat knee brace. Have they been invented yet? and if so, why not?

Yes, I do feel much better at sharing my first world problems. Thanks you for listening! I can now get on with my life.


Photocat said...

A gripe now and then can be very rejuvinating and liberating. I often wonder if happiness is more then being not unhappy...

radish38 said...

Sometimes I don't think doctors know ding about how to loose weight. There has to be more than calories.

Shoshana (Bershad) said...

WRT #2: I also had an ant problem, last month. Ant baits will work--eventually--but you need to place them on flat surfaces, preferably near walls. An even better product is Raid ant gel, which can be squirted out of a tube and placed anywhere, even a windowsill or wall or the underside of a shelf. The ants will swarm all over the gel and then carry it back to the nest. It may take a few days to eradicate the queen, but that's the only effective "cure" I've found. Good luck!

Sue (mtnester on the KF and CF)

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