Saturday, June 29, 2013

Slip of the Hand

I'm usually pretty good about turning the computer off at least once a week so all the temp goodies that all these image heavy programs store go Poof in the Night! However, with the eye surgery, which really did go great, I had neglected it.

Yesterday morning, however, I was starting to do a serious clear up of my craft table, the table that recently was the home of my iMac in the failed standing computer use project. It was a good idea but I need a better stool/chair for when my legs say Enough! There is also very little leg space when I sit under that table as it was an Ikea coffee table that we hacked by adding tall red legs.  I doubt that I will ever have skinnier legs, and even if I did, it's still cramped.

Now back from that digression....As I was clearing things around, yep, not out :( , I slightly moved my iMac which is on the adjacent table and accidentally unplugged it. Ugh. That is definitely a no-no with computers but fortunately the iMac and the three EHDs gave me a dispensation from damage or scolding messages. You know the ones that make your heart sink when they say..."this ehd had been improperly ejected etc etc". I'm going to report them to Brene Brown and let her suggest non-shaming language.

Well I did spent a lot of time reentering passwords yesterday. It seemed to be a more complete purge of those little tidbits of information than usual but maybe it's just that it had been longer than I thought since I turned the machine off. I truly can't remember but what's new about that?? anyhow, I really should get back to that craft table. I have painting to do!

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