Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Have a ?

I do hope some reader can answer my question. I have spent a lot of this initially rainy, rainy day inside, alternating the  cleaning up of my studio while listening to podcasts with checking not-my-usual-read blogposts. Lots of fun while the rain poured down.

I found these two lovely fonts on Kelly Purkey's blog and do hope someone can identify one or both. Kelly was asked about one but never answered. Maybe she didn't see the question, maybe she wrote the poster directly, or maybe she just wanted to keep that font private for a bit. In any case, enquiring minds want to know. That's me, the one with the mind which enquires.

Font # 1

Font # 2

So,  can one of you typography nerds aficionados tell me the name of either or both of these lovely fonts? I would be every so happy and grateful. Also, very nice usage on Kelly's images I'd say.


Photocat said...

can't help you Maureen... Lovely font indeed.

Sandy Mauk said...

I don't know them either but I hope you'll let us know when you figure this out. BTW, one of the magazines (like Creative Keepsakes)used to have a font corner that would investigate a font on request.

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