Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday: June 28, 2013

1. I really really like Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches. I really really do.

2. Sitting outside and reading for an hour or so each afternoon seems totally delicious.  I love it and didn't think I would.

You lookin' at me?
the late Sebastian

3. After dog sitting for that week, I am reconsidering getting a cat again. It has to be a Siamese, preferably a Lilac Point, and a rescue. I'm all for an old boy again but himself thinks he'd be happier with a  younger cat. Fewer medical bills. We'll see...

4. While on that dog sitting excursion, I watched half of season one of Arrested Development on Netflix. Funny? yes. But three or four in a row were too much. Two per sitting might be enough. Again, we'll see.

5. I have some little tomatoes that are just turning yellow. I think they may be giant cherry tomatoes. I need to see if I kept the info. Whatever, plants in pots is the only way I'll get my own tomatoes as much of our yard is shaded. The deck gets sun so maybe I'll be getting my tomatoes this year!

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