Monday, June 24, 2013

AAM Monday - Project Life Week 23

Well Week 23 was the end of the graduation celebrations. My grandson's graduation was on Sunday, his girlfriend's was later in the week and then it was off to South Carolina for University Orientation for both of them! Like I recall, and so did my xh, by the time our high school graduation came, we just wanted it to be over. Mentally and emotionally we had moved on. I think he had too. Such is life, isn't it...

Just a note about the happy quartet at graduation photo.  The 'short' lads are 6'ers, the other two are 6'7 and 6'4 respectively from left to right. I always have to smile when I see my tall grandson looking 'short'.

However, Emily IS short, whereas my 14 in a few weeks granddaughter hit the 6' mark with her first pair of high heels.  As much as she liked them she realized very quickly that they are so not as comfortable as shoes she is used to wearing.

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