Monday, June 3, 2013

AAM Monday - A Movie a Week

As my dh just got me the Apple TV box for my movie and tv show viewing, I think I will try to watch some movie classics during the summer. But how to pick is always a hard one for me.  In the end I often waffle so much in the evening and get onto some other piddly chores, I really only have time for a 45min tv show or so. I must say I have enjoyed watching a season of a series in a week or so that way, especially if the (sans commercials) airing time of an episode is something like 20 minutes. That's 2 episodes a night still getting me to bed in time to read and get enough sleep.

movie theater
movie theater on a Holland American ship

I found two lists on line both at the PasteMagazine site. As I currently have Netflix streaming, I went for The 50 Best Movies on Netflix Instant.  Some I've seen, some I've never heard of and others don't tempt me right off the bat. But I'm open to trying them.  The other list that Paste had was for Hulu Plus. The 50 Best Movies on Hulu Plus. I've looked at Hulu (basic) in the past for some tv shows I wanted to see but mostly it seemed a pain once Hulu Plus came into existence. Scanning through the Plus overview today, I didn't think I needed another subscription service.  Well at least not with Hulu. If I run through my Netflix 50 Best, I may try a Hulu Plus trial to see a few of those out of the norm movies.

Then again, a subscription I've gone back and forth about getting is Acorn TV but I really need to be sure it will work via Apple TV. That would be another 30day trial sometime.  There are no real movies, per se, but good long tv series episodes of British TV.

Anyone have a favorite site for movie streaming?

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