Friday, June 7, 2013

5 on Friday - June 7, 2013

1. After last weekend's 'hotter than July' weather, we are back to cool summer days. What I call San Diego weather. I cannot complain - at all.

2. Each day I have been sticking to one of my summer manifest goals of making sure I'm outside for an hour . (Thank you Ali Edwards for this idea.) Mostly, I sign off from whatever I've been doing around 3pm, and go out onto the deck to read. I'm in the shade, so no, it's not tanning time, I have a book, a glass of iced tea, and perfect weather.  The way summer should be but rarely is in MD.

3. The grocery store had some hard small peaches for 99c a pound and I bought four the other day. They are in a bag with a banana with the hope they will ripen not rot.  It's always a crap shoot this early in the season.

4.  My dh is going to Alaska this summer for a short conference. I declined. However, all of our friends are asking "Are you going fishing?" Sadly, not this year but many of them do recall the summer he had a fabulous catch and shared some of the halibut. Right now we're hoarding the last bits we have left from the most recent trip. Soon it will be $17.95 a lb (if we're lucky!) for halibut if he wants to buy some here.

5. Just when you think the insanity may be over, it starts up again.  Why don't I remember what I was told... that I cannot expect a healthy normal. Prayers would be appreciated.

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