Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Have a ?

I do hope some reader can answer my question. I have spent a lot of this initially rainy, rainy day inside, alternating the  cleaning up of my studio while listening to podcasts with checking not-my-usual-read blogposts. Lots of fun while the rain poured down.

I found these two lovely fonts on Kelly Purkey's blog and do hope someone can identify one or both. Kelly was asked about one but never answered. Maybe she didn't see the question, maybe she wrote the poster directly, or maybe she just wanted to keep that font private for a bit. In any case, enquiring minds want to know. That's me, the one with the mind which enquires.

Font # 1

Font # 2

So,  can one of you typography nerds aficionados tell me the name of either or both of these lovely fonts? I would be every so happy and grateful. Also, very nice usage on Kelly's images I'd say.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Slip of the Hand

I'm usually pretty good about turning the computer off at least once a week so all the temp goodies that all these image heavy programs store go Poof in the Night! However, with the eye surgery, which really did go great, I had neglected it.

Yesterday morning, however, I was starting to do a serious clear up of my craft table, the table that recently was the home of my iMac in the failed standing computer use project. It was a good idea but I need a better stool/chair for when my legs say Enough! There is also very little leg space when I sit under that table as it was an Ikea coffee table that we hacked by adding tall red legs.  I doubt that I will ever have skinnier legs, and even if I did, it's still cramped.

Now back from that digression....As I was clearing things around, yep, not out :( , I slightly moved my iMac which is on the adjacent table and accidentally unplugged it. Ugh. That is definitely a no-no with computers but fortunately the iMac and the three EHDs gave me a dispensation from damage or scolding messages. You know the ones that make your heart sink when they say..."this ehd had been improperly ejected etc etc". I'm going to report them to Brene Brown and let her suggest non-shaming language.

Well I did spent a lot of time reentering passwords yesterday. It seemed to be a more complete purge of those little tidbits of information than usual but maybe it's just that it had been longer than I thought since I turned the machine off. I truly can't remember but what's new about that?? anyhow, I really should get back to that craft table. I have painting to do!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday: June 28, 2013

1. I really really like Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches. I really really do.

2. Sitting outside and reading for an hour or so each afternoon seems totally delicious.  I love it and didn't think I would.

You lookin' at me?
the late Sebastian

3. After dog sitting for that week, I am reconsidering getting a cat again. It has to be a Siamese, preferably a Lilac Point, and a rescue. I'm all for an old boy again but himself thinks he'd be happier with a  younger cat. Fewer medical bills. We'll see...

4. While on that dog sitting excursion, I watched half of season one of Arrested Development on Netflix. Funny? yes. But three or four in a row were too much. Two per sitting might be enough. Again, we'll see.

5. I have some little tomatoes that are just turning yellow. I think they may be giant cherry tomatoes. I need to see if I kept the info. Whatever, plants in pots is the only way I'll get my own tomatoes as much of our yard is shaded. The deck gets sun so maybe I'll be getting my tomatoes this year!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I can see clearly now...

No, not the song.  Nor this.

London Eye at dusk

I had a cataract eye surgery yesterday, and low and behold, the world is clearer. This was the 2nd eye I've had done so no surprises there. Now I just have to wait a month for a new prescription.

Back to you shortly.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday: Passau, Part 2

Because of a prior time constraint, I had to cut my post about Passau in two. Part one is HERE.

Just a quick look into this church to see how beautiful it was but philistine that I am sometimes, I wanted to see more of the daily life than churches.

This music shop was intriguing especially as I have a son who is an amateur musician. But I had to pace myself and not get carried away with going into shops.

Seeing how steep these steps were, I hesitated considering my already injured knee. But as there were railings, I decided I wold go down, slowly, and hope that there was a set of steps up somewhere along the rivers that was not so steep.

The view to my right  (back into town) was gorgeous as I got down those steps, and the view to the left (below) would take me to the point of the city.  I decided to take the route to the right and walk through the town some more.

Just past the bridge the city leveled out and there was this attractive playground, sans children. I did sit and hope for some people watching but alas, almost no one.

So following some Mummies briskly pushing toddlers in pushchairs, I walked (flat streets!) past many shops. I did go into this one which had lovely household items as well as knit clothing and some jewelry. It was the simple but elegant decorations that wowed me. Clever ideas for places too small for a Christmas tree.

I always want to get a stalk of the plant below and just as often forget the name. ???

Others were having coffee and pastries in this shop but I resisted. Ah virtue!

I have yet to be able to find a translation for the name of the giant black vegetables contrasting with those luscious red tomatoes. The latter are probably hydroponic or from Israel.

Another shop I did go in and wandered longingly through was this kitchen shop. Other women might lust over jewelry or clothes but me...give me a kitchen shop and I drool.

I did find the spaetzle maker I was looking for but at close to $100, I decided not to get it. I do try to avoid one item gadgets and feared I would make more spaetzle than my body should have. I still have regrets though.. Sigh. It even had 3 different dies for various sizes!

By the time I left this kitchen store, it was getting late and I did want to get down to that little park on the point. It had never been less than damp all day but now there was an increasing moisture in the air.

 Past the tempting schmaltzbrot...

Past the intriguing Bollywood Indian restaurant...and down to the

I saw a youngish man sitting on the bench and asked him to take my photo. It turned out he was a college graduate Czech, working in Germany. He confirmed what I had already heard - that the Germans look down their noses upon the Eastern Europeans. I suspect the Germans had better watch that attitude...

Around the curve, through the ancient city wall... with one look back at this side of the city. Sadly that tower is very visible in the earlier post of the recent flooding.

The rain finally started and I hustled along with these schoolgirls. Back to my ship for me and maybe a stop for a drink or just home for these girls.

I wonder how much school they missed due to the floods. It always sounds like it's great to get out of school until it happens that way.

Goodbye Passau. You were a fun town to visit. I hope and pray a dry normalcy returns quickly for you.

Monday, June 24, 2013

AAM Monday - Project Life Week 23

Well Week 23 was the end of the graduation celebrations. My grandson's graduation was on Sunday, his girlfriend's was later in the week and then it was off to South Carolina for University Orientation for both of them! Like I recall, and so did my xh, by the time our high school graduation came, we just wanted it to be over. Mentally and emotionally we had moved on. I think he had too. Such is life, isn't it...

Just a note about the happy quartet at graduation photo.  The 'short' lads are 6'ers, the other two are 6'7 and 6'4 respectively from left to right. I always have to smile when I see my tall grandson looking 'short'.

However, Emily IS short, whereas my 14 in a few weeks granddaughter hit the 6' mark with her first pair of high heels.  As much as she liked them she realized very quickly that they are so not as comfortable as shoes she is used to wearing.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Busy Days, Busy Days

Lots of family recently, both visiting us and on our minds.  No time to blog, no time for much of anything it seemed. Things to finish up, things to get straightened out. Just a time when there was a lot of spinning with  life issues.

I was very glad to have a chance to have a hand massage and learn how to do it this week. After getting a JinShinJyutsu session, I was able to give a hand massage to my friend - accompanied by truly helpful heart to heart talking. I am very fortunate to have her.

The weather was stormy too but we were lucky there was no derecho nor a tornado. It was scary for some bits when the sky got really ominous and there was that strange feeling in the air. Even the next day the edges of the bay were looking like a choppy ocean.

Hopefully this next week will be a quiet one...back with you in a week!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday: Passau Germany

While my dh went off to Cesky Krumlov, I stayed on board and had a leisurely walk through Passau. Sadly, looking at my photos now, I can also think of recent images of Passau under water again.

Look at the two  images below, and you will see the path I followed on my journey - down the right side of the town to the lovely park at the point on the bottom left up the left side past the red roofed tower. The boats you see are the type we were on for our river cruise.

I suppose I should feel grateful I wasn't there this spring but it's so sad to see a place you 'know' looking like this.

I started my walk with a guide along here - a small group tour that was offered by Vantage for the folks who chose to stay in Passau. You can see some of the river cruise boats on the left. Lots of signs to tell us what is where! Fortunately, not uphill yet.

We followed these painted cobblestones through an artist section down by the river. I hope the artists were able to save most of their works in the flooding.

The cafe was tempting but we had no time to stop plus we always had sooo much food to choose from on board. I tried to take photos of prices too.

 Finally, we did start walking uphill into the top part of the old town.

I love fall decorations with leaves and berries. At home, it's often not cool enough for this kind of foliage in November. I was certainly happy with the weather all through our trip! Really my kind of autumn days.

 Even in an old town you find clever graffiti. I wonder how long the let these images stay.

A clever little statue on the bit connecting the two building. And look...awnings for those sunny hot days!

No, we didn't get a chance to hear the lost interview with Steve....

Note that the date above the door is 1619. Rather old, I'd say, and quite a door too!

More things to do and see if you lived here.

Here, I'll say goodbye and come back to you another day with more images of a drier Passau. That yellow cover to my iPhone now has a history that I'll tell you when we get to the Budapest days. More to come!

Monday, June 10, 2013

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 22

This was a fairly - fairly - quiet week with a busy weekend! My grandson's high school graduation. I think this may be the last of the purple for me since his college colors are NOT purple and white! That makes me happy because purple is pretty far down the list of my favorite colors.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Weekend Break

Taking a weekend break with welcome family visits.  Good times!

Friday, June 7, 2013

5 on Friday - June 7, 2013

1. After last weekend's 'hotter than July' weather, we are back to cool summer days. What I call San Diego weather. I cannot complain - at all.

2. Each day I have been sticking to one of my summer manifest goals of making sure I'm outside for an hour . (Thank you Ali Edwards for this idea.) Mostly, I sign off from whatever I've been doing around 3pm, and go out onto the deck to read. I'm in the shade, so no, it's not tanning time, I have a book, a glass of iced tea, and perfect weather.  The way summer should be but rarely is in MD.

3. The grocery store had some hard small peaches for 99c a pound and I bought four the other day. They are in a bag with a banana with the hope they will ripen not rot.  It's always a crap shoot this early in the season.

4.  My dh is going to Alaska this summer for a short conference. I declined. However, all of our friends are asking "Are you going fishing?" Sadly, not this year but many of them do recall the summer he had a fabulous catch and shared some of the halibut. Right now we're hoarding the last bits we have left from the most recent trip. Soon it will be $17.95 a lb (if we're lucky!) for halibut if he wants to buy some here.

5. Just when you think the insanity may be over, it starts up again.  Why don't I remember what I was told... that I cannot expect a healthy normal. Prayers would be appreciated.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Travel With Me Tuesday - More Cesky Krumlov

We left my dh walking up the hills of this Czech town.  He told me he enjoyed it but once again there are only so many towns with important churches and castles and decorated walls one can see before the feeling of  'btdt' starts to set in. One of the reasons I decided to pass on this one was the endless flow of information into the headsets from our guides. I started to get headaches from wearing them and listening. Now I will admit I had traveled through Germany years before, knew a great deal of the history, and hearing some of the same things day in day out got tiring. I know each guide had her work to do so I don't blame them. I only know I was getting 'full'.

Any city or town worth its while has to have a river, especially if it's a historic town. Rivers were critical for commerce and this one is the Vltava River. I wonder if it floods as much as the ones in Germany...

Not sure who the statue is of but I'll make a guess that it's Saint Vitus, considering that the cathedral is named for him.

That is the Cathedral tower you see through the alley. people?

Lovely red roofs and such a contrast with the overcast skies.

Remember what I said earlier about walking UP the hill? I wonder if they had to walk down for their lunch.

Rather romantic looking - except for that coke bottle. When any of our group ordered a Coke, it was always served in a bottle. Quite a change from the usual can in the US.

Not sure what he had but I will strongly suspect it was pork. Food like this definitely tastes good on a chilly, wet day.

 Dessert and coffee. I think I would have been ready for a nap after this!

Shades of tourism... Coffee to go. We almost never say local people carrying coffee or other drinks around the way we Americans do. Of course there was also a lot of bicycle riding, though after seeing the Dutch bicyclists, I suspect they can do most anything while riding a bike!

He told me about this bookstore which had a lot of books in English - obviously. But no purchases were made.

 Now some more scenic views of the city.

Ok, some not so scenic too.

I think there actually was a lot of walking around free time after lunch before this coffee and pastry were taken. I like the addition of the shot of cold water with the coffee. We didn't seem to see that in Germany but remembered it from Eastern Europe.

On that sweet note, I'll next be back with my day in Passau Germany.

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